I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left [EP]

from Gianni Paci

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1. It's Always A Perfect Journey
2. In The Middle Of The Night
3. If You Believe It's Alright
4. Honest Thing

Released November 17, 2017.

Music and Lyrics by Gianni Paci. Produced, recorded and performed on all instruments by Gianni Paci at Pine Hollow Road Studios.

Photo by Ryan Jay. Design by Gianni Paci.

Copyright Gianni Paci BMI 2017.

"'I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left' will be released November 17. It is Gianni’s third EP, not counting two full length albums released under an old pseudonym. The music was entirely written, produced, recorded and performed on all instruments by the artist at Pine Hollow Road Studios in Oyster Bay, NY. These sessions generated a resolutely idiosyncratic collection of songs in the rock and roll vein, with vibes ranging from the fragile and exposed ('It’s Always A Perfect Journey') to the searingly abrasive ('In The Middle Of The Night') to the cautiously uplifting ('If You Believe It’s Alright') and the ethereally moody (“Honest Thing”). All in all, the four song set—which will coincide with four accompanying music videos, premiering throughout the season—is a marked turn in Gianni's discography, as it showcases the kind of vertically-integrated vision Gianni has been chipping away at all along."

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Gianni Paci New York, New York

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